In EL GATOVERDE, part of the IDEARIA group, we are part of the thousands of people working to build a better society, where we all enjoy and take care of ourselves within the limits of the planet.


“Something has to change so that everything stays the same”. This quote from “Il Gattopardo”, by Lampedusa and Visconti, inspires us, but the other way around: “We want certain things to stay the same, like Good Cinema, so that many things may change”. At Gatoverde we believe that change is possible. The change towards a world without borders, supportive and egalitarian, where people and the environment are at the centre of everything


We contribute by strengthening cinema’s critical view, in both form and substance. We want to show and give visibility to big issues, but also to local stories that entertain us, move us, make us grieve and enjoy.


We are a diverse team that works in an egalitarian way, without traditional hierarchies, moving forward by consensus. We respect and take care of people in all their diversity, and we know how to separate private and professional life.


We try to innovate from a conceptual point of view, bringing different perspectives to every new project. Taking care of the planet is one of our fundamental pillars, and that is why we are committed to sustainable film production.


Cooperating and collaborating with other people and organisations are the basis of our projects. Meeting different people, from other cultures and ideas, and learning from working together.

EL Gatoverde Producciones - Logo idearia

We are part of the IDEARIA group, which aims to contribute to building a more egalitarian, sustainable and supportive society, through culture, art, training or social and supportive projects.