Wonderful Madrid

Directed by:
Jose Antonio Muñiz
Story by:
Jose Antonio Muñiz
The history of the Region of Madrid is as intense as it is varied and exciting. A history that has left throughout the length and breadth of the territory a precious legacy. A fraction of this legacy is well known and admired, but for the most part, despite being extraordinary, it is largely unknown, even among the people of Madrid.

But even more unknown are the stories that this legacy holds. Stories that explain the past of the Community of Madrid, that allow us to understand its present and that help us to understand the history of Spain and the world.

“MARAVILLOSA MADRID” is a documentary series that visits the most extraordinary places in the Region of Madrid and, through spectacular digital effects and historical reconstructions, takes them back to the past, bringing them back to life through an exciting journey through time.

“MARAVILLOSA MADRID” seeks to amaze the viewer with this extraordinary legacy and the exciting stories hidden within it.

“MARAVILLOSA MADRID” will awaken a feeling of admiration and interest that will undoubtedly translate into an intense desire to visit and preserve.