El Gatoverde Producciones - Valentina
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Produced by:
Abano Producións
El Gatoverde Producciones
Directed by:
Chelo Loureiro
Produceb by:
Lúa Testa
Music by:
Nani García
Emilio Aragón
Andrés Suárez
María Mnauela
Coke Couto
Lúa testa
Helga Méndez
Charo Pena
Valentina dreams of becoming a trapeze artist and believes that because she has Down syndrome, she will not be able to achieve it. But her grandmother, a companion in her games, learning and songs, assures her that if caterpillars can become butterflies, nothing is impossible. And that we must never lose our enthusiasm and desire for learning. The same enthusiasm and desire that she has, at her age, to become an orchestra conductor. Valentina is not very convinced because a worm is too disgusting to become a butterfly… She has many questions about this metamorphosis. But she cannot ask them now, because her grandmother disappeared a few days ago, and her parents tell her that she went on a trip. Without even saying goodbye?