El Gatoverde Producciones - Julie
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Directed by:
Alba González de Molina
Marine Discazeaux
Silvia Maya
Rikar Gil
Juan Martín Gravina
Emilio Linder
Mario Miñano
Javier Tolosa
Daniel Martín
Irene Ferradas
Julie, suddenly decides to run away and leave everything behind her. This escape will take her to faraway lands, to a small village where she thinks she will be able to hide from herself. Julie finds her place in there thanks to the warm welcome of the teacher of the village, who will encourage the rest of the community to accept and welcome her. But no one really knows who Julie is, and what she’s hiding beneath that elusive look.
Malaga Festival Best Supporting Actress (Silvia Maya) 2016
Malaga Festival Best debut film 2016