El Gatoverde Producciones - Homomaquia
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Directed by:
Story by:
Music by:
Sheyla Fariña
David Fidalgo
Homomaquia presents us with a world where humans are treated as they themselves treat animals, stablishing a strong metaphor with bullfighting. Putting humans at the place of bulls. Homomaquia represents the life of the latter, the rawness, violence and lack of freedom they experience along their lives even when it comes to procreation, where humans use their sexuality only in speculative interests.
Mestre Mateo Awards Best Animated Short Film 2020
34th GOYA Awards Best Animated Short Film Nominee 2020
Festival de Málaga, España Silver Biznaga of the Audience Award for Best Short Animation Film 2020
Festival de Cine y TV Reino de León, León, España Best Animated Short Film Award 2020
Curtas Armandiña Best Animated Short Film 2019
Festival de Cans Honourable Mention 2019
Premios Forqué Pre-selection for best short film 2019
Festival de Cans, España Honourable Mention 2019