El Gatoverde Producciones - El sueño de la sultana
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El sueño de la Sultana

Financed by:
Gobierno Vasco
Directed by:
Isabel Herguera
Story by:
Isabel Herguera
Gianmarco Serra
Music by:
Gianmarco Serra
“Sultana’s Dream” is an Indian feminist short story written in 1905 by Rokeya Hussein. Inés is a Spanish animation film director who happens to discover Sultana’s Dream. Fascinated by the story and its author Rokeya Hossein, Inés embarks on a trip to India with the purpose of making a film adaptation of the story. In the process, Inés understands the true meaning of the utopia proposed by Rokeya: a reminder to men and women that freedom is not a right but a conquest. The film is inspired by the experiences and personal diaries of the director Isabel Herguera.